First of all, I’m Meredith. I’m pleased to meet you, and I hope you find something to enjoy that I’ve shared.

I love that cooking tells a story of its own. Everything I cook brings back some kind of memory. When I cook spaghetti sauce, I think of every time I sneaked a taste of my dad’s while it was bubbling away on the stove while I was growing up (I still do when I visit).  Or how peanut soup makes me think of Christmas, pine trees and homemade cookies.

Similarly, I think every cook has a story of their own. Why they cook certain recipes and stick to specific styles, and how they perform them. And I love it. I started this because I’ve recently been thinking of my own food story. Why do I cook the way I do? Why do I print and dog-ear certain recipes and tuck them into books and not others? Why do I call myself a Pseudotarian?

Well, I can tell you where Pseudotarian came from. I’m not a true vegetarian (shhhh!). I still love seafood: snapper, mussels, blue crab, shrimp – you name it. I know there is a term (pescatarian) for individuals like me, but I don’t like to use it. Especially since I haven’t been “off the meat” for all that long. Instead, I’m content with calling myself a faux vegetarian. Because all in all, my story is about eating what you need to help you, your mind and your community stay healthy.

I can’t guarantee that everything you’ll find here will be 100% sustainable, 100% “green” or 100% vegetarian. I make do with what I can get, and I want you to find these recipes and stories accessible and applicable – whether you have a kitchen the size of my apartment or a kitchen that doesn’t even have silverware drawers (like mine!). Either way, I hope you find something you like here!


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