Posted by: ThePseudotarian | October 25, 2010

A quick post … Honey and White Wine Vinagrette

… so that I actually have something to put here!

It’s been a hectic, hectic couple of months. Remember when I told you a bit about my job? Well, since it’s the season for college applications and search packages, I am absolutely slammed at work. So slammed, that I can’t even write a blog post on my lunch break. Plus, I totally don’t want to sit in front of my computer when I get home from work, sooo … no blog posts for you!

Well, I caught a quick break while everyone was in a meeting and want to share a quick recipe Matt and I whipped up the other night while he made me dinner. Usually when we eat salads with dinner,  it’s a balsamic vinegar and oil affair. Well, I’ve been craving something new lately. Something with a bit more … oomph and flavor for a simple spinach, red pepper and pecan salad.

With that said, this dressing is a bit tricky, because I made it wholly to-taste. Some people won’t like how sweet it is, and will prefer more oil. Others will want it to be more tangy, and will splash in a bit more white wine vinegar. It’s completely and utterly up to you. I’ll just give you the ingredients and tell you how I did it!

Make sure you have a good tasting white wine vinegar. I used an awesome Lucini Pinot Grigio vinegar that Matt has had forever that we use only sparingly. Because this dressing hinges on just a couple great tastes, now was the time! In addition, make sure you use EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). You can really use any olive oil you like, from light to virgin, or whatever you have on hand. Just don’t use any other kind of oil … especially that heavily processed “vegetable” oil crap.

Also, this dressing is pseudovegan. No dairy or eggs, but it does have honey. So, I guess this depends on what your system of vegetarianism/veganism dictates. I don’t judge  =)  On that note, I think you could substitute the honey for something equally delicious and sweet, perhaps? Let me know if you try this approach! But let’s get down to business …

Honey and White Wine Vinagrette

3 Tbsp Organic Honey
2 Tbsp White Wine Vinegar
2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Two pinches Crushed Red Pepper
Two pinches Tarragon

Add your honey to the bowl where you’ll be mixing your dressing. Because I heat up the honey in the microwave, I don’t recommend any kind of tall vessel.  I guess you could heat yours over the stove and pour it into a tall dressing bottle, but I can’t vouch for how long this will keep consistency-wise. Anyway, add your honey to the bowl and zap it a few seconds at a time until it has become more fluid. Whisk in your white wine vinegar, and then taste for balance. I preferred mine a bit tangier, but again, it’s up to you!  Whisk in your oil and spices and taste again. Here, you can also add some crushed black pepper, but I left mine off. At this point, if this is too tangy, add some more honey or oil. If it’s too sweet … vice versa.

Matt and I ate this over a terrific spinach salad with red peppers, red onions and pecans. It was an amazing departure from our usual balsamic and oil, or the occasional dijon/balsamic dressing I whip up when I’m feeling pseudofancy. Please note that this amount was perfect for two salads. For more, you may need to double it. I trust your judgment, pseudofans!

What are your favorite dressings to make at home? If you make this one, what are your thoughts and how did you make it?


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