Posted by: ThePseudotarian | July 5, 2010

Mimosas. Richmond-style.

On Sunday morning, after having a nice sleep-in after a big show the night before (Phish at Merriweather!), Matt and I decided we needed some 821 Cafe in our lives. If you’ve been following this at all, you know that 821 is our favorite local restaurant. We were eating at the bar, drinking mimosas, and struck up a fun convo with the guy seated at the end doing crosswords.

“You know,” he said, “I went down to Virginia Beach once and ordered a mimosa at a bar. They served it to me in one of those, you know, those flutes. And I said, ‘Hey, think I can get this in a pint glass with some ice?’ And I’ll be damned if the waitress didn’t say, ‘Ok. You want that Richmond-style.‘”

Sorry if that was a little convoluted with the he-said/she-said part, but it struck me as so funny that I had to quote what he said – close, if not word for word. Richmond-style. Many people might take offense at that. What, we’re not a classy city? But I like it! It means we know how to have a good time, and we know that it’s ludicrous to pay $5 or $6 for a splash of champagne. So give it to me in a pint glass, and just consider putting some orange juice in it. That beverage you hand me better look more like champagne than anything orange.

So, in honor of the wonderful people you meet at the bars of your favorite restaurants … Here’s the best damn mimosa recipe you’ll ever find, and the only one you ever need.

Richmond-style Mimosas

2 pint glasses
13.5 oz bottle of Simply Orange OJ
2-3 (or more) cold bottles of champagne (because Richmonders never have just 1 mimosa)

Fill up your pint glasses to the rim with ice. Pour champagne over the icea until only about an inch from the rim. Add a splash – just a splash – of orange juice. There should still be some room in the glass, closer to an inch than not. Top of with more champagne and stir. Don’t even consider garnishing this with anything other than a plastic straw.

This is our favorite drink for a day on the patio, at the river, on the beach or at a show. We never make them any other way and 821 sells these babies for around $3 a piece. You can’t say no to a $3 pint glass full of bubbly!


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