Posted by: ThePseudotarian | June 9, 2010

Cheese and Champagne meet, mingle, fall in love …

Do you know why I could never be vegan? Not milk (I don’t even like the stuff) or ice cream or even the occasional seafood I eat …


I love cheese. Gouda, cheddar, swiss, gorgonzola, gruyere, feta, brie – you name it. Matt’s the same way, thankfully, or I might cry at the absence of delicioso queso in mi vida. And I do check to make sure that the cheese we eat doesn’t have rennet listed as an ingredient.

With that said, I found this most interesting (and kind of amazing) cheese at a grocery store last night.

Seriously, y’all, this cheese is amazing. I mean – cheese and champagne in one package? Holy [insert explitives I’m trying to avoid using in this blog]! It still has the smokey aged cheddar taste, but underneath this runs a tangible thread of light-headed champagne. This almost tastes bubbly. I’m not lying.

Check to see if your local grocer carries it. The price can be steep. I paid around $8 for it, but it’s totally worth it (and this certain grocery store can tend to be over-priced). If you have tried it, or pick one up – let me know what you think! I included this on a cheese plate last night with some smoked gouda (Matt’s favorite) and some smoked mozzarella. The cheddar was nearly gone before we touched either of the other two. Check out more flavors at the Yancey’s Fancy website. They offer online ordering (I’m so tempted!) and tons of other flavored and natural artisan cheeses. And ALL of their cheeses (except the ones that have pepperoni and bacon products cooked into the cheese) use vegetable-based rennet and milk from grass-fed cows.

Have fun  =)


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